handcrafted with care and love in our artisanal laboratory since 1974
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Inside Of Our Artisan Workshop - place where we create bags with care and passion

BORSA IN BOTTEGA offers exclusive service of custom-made production of each product. When you place your order we start making your bag in our Venetian laboratory specially for you. You can choose the model you like made in the leather type and colour that you prefer. Great, isn't it?

We always work just with the finest veal leather hand-crafted with the traditions in local Venetian tanneries. Under each bag's schede there is a detailed description of the leather typology - Palmsoft, Evolution, Cervo, Athene etc - so you just pick up the one that suits you the most!

If you don't see the leather and colour in the model that you like - for example, there is no Amanda Satchel made in Palmsoft Cuoio on the web site - placing the order you just leave us a message asking to produce Amanda Satchel in Palmsoft Cuoio or Cervo Garda or in any other leather/colour. The same you can do with any other model within one artisan group. 

We believe we have a unique brand and clientele who values fine hand-crafted products, fair prices and our personal touch over the higher priced brand-name alternatives!


For any questions please contact info@borsainbottega.com or call +393275985607. We respond from Monday-Saturday, 08:00 - 20:00 CET.